Interview for Killdren Magazine
Date 2007/08/23

1} First a short introduction to America.
A little background of yourself,the bands your currently in and some past history that you wish to tell.

I'm not good in talking about myself in general, so lets go straight to the second part of the question! The bands I'm curiently in and worked as far with them are: the main bands Hildr Valkyrie (my own project),  Folkearth (worldwide) session Uruk Hai (Austria) and Voluspaa (Nor), Guest appearence to Sacred Blood (Gr), and a really small part to Athlos (Gr)... maybe I will do session vocals to another band from Belgium... still I've got nonews from them, only that they asked me to do for them session vocals and got my accept... so I can't announce the name of this band; for the time! 
My past is also so fruitful like my present, I've been involved with bands since '94, so you can imagine till 2003 -that I created Hildr Valkyrie- I've changed lots of bands, the bad to this story is that I've lost much time with them, since we didn't do any album, we've just recorded 4 demos all in all!

2} Tell us a brief history of your name and why it was chosen?

Searching for a name I'd started to read more about the Valkyries... and I chose Hildr Valkyrie.
Hildr's story can be found at The Prose Edda. They call her cruel (because she was the reason of the everlasting battle between her husband and father) but in my opinion, she didn't wanted to disappoint non of her beloved and involved persons to this battle. Thy personal connection that has to do with me; I prefer to keep for myself, this part becomes too personal, but it is not that obvious as many might think!

3} Life growing up in Geece, the musicians and people that influenced you?

There was no Greek Musician that infueded me in all those years. My main influency is coming from  Germany, from the one man band Falkenbach. Vratyas Vakyas (Falkenbach) who was and is my mentor! Also he was the reason that I followed this music genre since Falkenbach was and is my favourite band since 1996.  Some fans calls me the female Falkenbach and this is a big honour, even if I found it over rated! I do not think that I can reach the talend of this man.

4} After reading your last bulletin on myspace about Deceitful Fate being illegally released. How should young and unknown bands/artist best protect themselves from pirates regardless of which country they might be in

I really don't have an idea as long I am myself an underground indipendant band with no protection... a good way that I've learned after some conversations that I had with other musicians, is to sell my copyrights to a good label that has good lawers and do the job for me... or else I'll need a good lawer myself, thing that I can't afford it for the time! It is the only thing that I didn't wanted to happen, cause; I wanted to keep the Deceitful Fate limited to have a meaning for those who supported me back then! Also I do not like ripping off my fans because in nowdays, it is so easy to get an album from the internet, it doesn't need more than 15 min to get a full album... and those who wants to support the artist give their money for it and I respect that a lot, but in that case, the money does not go to the artists budget, but to the thieves pockets... so just in case... if you find it to a store or e-bay with not the original cover... don't buy it!... yeah, the thieves were so "kind" to create a new layout as well!

5} On the 2 Folkearth albums, which songs did you perform on and what songs best captured you unique vocals and what songs have the most meaning to you?

From the second album the tracks was: The lady's gift, Naglfar set sail, Return to Walehalle, Heathenpride, Elves and Sailing of a Viking.  I think that each song has eachowns meaning to me, for example for the Lady's gift, was a big honour to be a part of a Forefathers track, for Naglfar set sail...I did it together with my "partner" for that album and spend some hours till to have a good result, To Return to Walehalle the music was it is one of my children, to Heathenpride...I was the reason to cover that song with Folkearth and collected the musicians that could handle that task, for Elves, helped out with my keys...and for Sailing of a Viking...we were having ancient Greek as you can see, for each song I did participate, there is some reason to be proud of!
Also for the third album, some of the songs are: Hugin and Munin with Hordak, Sworn to the raven, Great Pan God, Drakkars in the mist, Midgard Farewell, De tause fjell, If I should fall, On wings divine, Thunders of war...Hugin and Munin was one of my fav tracks of this album...I may had a small part on this track, but I loved Sworn to the raven and to de tause fjell I didn't only sang, but also did the programing of the plus another reason to be proud of those 2 tracks..also for De tause fjell, I sang in Norwegian... a task that I had to pass and not fail! Also I can't simply not  to mention Drakkars in the mist that I had the chance to sing with one of the most talented (in my opinion always) singer in Greece!

6} How did you get involved with the Falkenbach tribute ''A Homage to Falkenbach'' and how was the experience and the response to it since its release?

When it was the semi-official falkenbach site running, the webmaster of it, had the idea of making a tribute. I was checking that period often the site for Falkenbach's news and saw that they were searching for bands. I mailed the webmaster and send him a cover that had already make from my first release (the instrumental Baldurs Tod)...he liked it and agreed to put it into the tribute so my place was sure to that cd... since it was belayed, I had the chance to make other cover that would have also contained lyrics inside because the first one was an instrumental... and so it happen. Later, I've learned that if the tribute didn't had the Heathenpride, the When Gjallarhorn will sound and the Heralder... probably it would never be released... so I took another time the chance to create 2 of the 3 tracks that were needed for that tribute, and thats why I was the reason that I already told before for the Folkearth cover. I took in my hands the risk to make a long track, not so popular (because was a bonus track to the LP of this album and once it appeared to a cd with Various artists of the labels that Vakyas Vratyas was back then) but also so good one... with female vocals, in the meantime I had met my session guitarist and he agreed to help me to this track as well... and so, the result is what you are able to listen.
After the release and the huge long awaiting of that tribute, I think I got my payment back, by the love of the fans that mailed me, or voted me, or opening forum topics about Hildr Valkyrie or telling good words to the reviews specially for my cover and still I have many mails to my myspace music page about that!

7} Your solo project is there any future plans at the moment? And where can people legally get this music?

Of course, now I'm on the final stage of releasing the new album! For the time I can only quarrantee myself of buying it legal since still I do not know to whom I will give copies for distribution... in case I'll have legal sources for buying the new cd, I will mention them to my site and myspace music page, so all can be happy and fight against the nowdays piracy!
Just in case, I have no problem with those who will decide to get it as mp3's from the net, but be careful, cause some sites charges and I have no relation with that... try to find a total free way to get it. I support the free downloads.

8} Any last words you'd like to say to America's metal community?

I simply would liked to thank all of you because you supported me and still do in nowdays! Enjoy life, enjoy good metal sounds, enjoy the good and the bad moments that fate brings to us and drink lots, lots of good beers!

Odin Lives Radio Interview 
Interviewed by Roger
Date 2007/07/24

1) When did you start learning and playing music?

Well, actually I come from a family of musicians, so as far as I remember myself I am into music. Of course only as an amature since my studies were only for one year at the age of 5. Furthermore, my grandpa and I were always having fun together while he was playing his violin. He also tried in his own way to teach me music, using several ways, sometimes right ones, sometimes... wrong ones!

2) What are your favorite musical groups, and how did they influence your musical path?

First of all and over all my biggest influence is the one man band Falkenbach. Vratyas Vakyas was and is my mentor I may say! Also he was the reason that I followed this music genre since Falkenbach was and is my favourite band since 1996. We have many similarities I think; that is at least what I get from my fans. Some call me the female Falkenbach and this is a big honour.

3) How does the Heathen/Asatru pathway influence your music and life?

It has a big influence on me I must admit. In my opinion, it is a way of life that reflects our daily life, our activities and character.

First of all, it has made me a stronger and more honourable person. It has also helped me find the answer to some questions, which I had since I was young, about our European heritage. Of course, it is very difficult for me to read fast since I was born and raised in Greece and there are no translations in Greek by any Author. As a result, I have to do the translations by myself and also try to find out the main meanings of them, which sometimes is hard to do since the grammar is not the same. This of course doesn't stop me at all, instead, it gives me more strength to go on.

As far as my music is concerned, yes it did affect it as well and gave me also lots of inspiration. I feel very nice when I see that my efforts, -because that is what I do, nothing more than an effort- are supported and accepted by people. Even with my poor vocabulary I touched people's hearts with my lyrics and melodies and that is an honour, no; something even bigger than an honour!

4) Will you be playing with any bands in the future, or staying as a solo musician?

I am already a member of many folk/viking and medieval bands. I am a permanent member of Folkearth, a Folk/Viking worldwide band in which I do the vocals, I play the keyboards, do some of the drum programming and I also give music since the second album. Moreover, I am a session member of Uruk Hai, which is a Tolkein inspired band from Austria in which I do the female vocals and we released the album Lothlorien.
Furthermore, I make some session or guest appearances in other bands such as Sacred Blood from Greece, and also I gave my word to some bands from other countries such as from Germany, Norway, Wales and Belgium. Of course I still can't announce the names of these bands, since we have nothing to present to the public even though some recordings are already done. So when we have the releases , then I'll have a reason to talk about them as well.

For the time being, I have no problem to work with all of them and have my one woman band at the same time. Of course this causes a big delay in my own band, but I don't care that much as long as I do what I love to do! For me, singing for example to Folkearth is the same as singing for my own band.

5) Do you have any upcoming cds on the way?

Of course. I had a big delay since I worked and work hard for my other bands as well. My new release will be called "Shield Brothers of Valhalla" and it is a kind of a remake of  "To Walhall shall Meet" which was a rough version just "for my ears". This version was spread only via internet by a sort of a mistake a good friend of mine made... those things happen nowadays, but I do not mind at all.

It will contain 8 or 9 songs and one or two covers which will be my small surprise for those who support me. This release will be a bit more metal than the first one, since the electric guitars are not from my keyboards anymore, but they are played by a session member and a good friend from Germany. Also the vocal parts will be clearer than the first ones, since I got better equipment in the meantime. Each song will have it's own identity like my previews release. Again for another time I did not use a real studio for my recordings, but I recorded it and did the production at my home studio just like every recording I do. For me it is better because nowadays even the worst singer or musician can be good with the help of a professional sound producer. In my case everything you will listen... is what I can really do without the help of an expert. In my new album also, I will have two guest musicians, one for a small part on vocals and the other one on acoustic  guitars and electric guitars in my little...tinny surprises.

For the time being 90% of the material is done and I'm waiting for my new logo from Christophe to finish my lay out and when it's ready... I will slowly release it. 


Interviewed by Dionysios Platanias
Date 2006/04/19

It is something more than a pleasant for someone, to see musical actions from Greece, that touch with sensitivity Mythology with such a way, not like pretended.
The epic/folk genre in music, it is the most properly media to act out the ones which I said before. Hildr Valkyrie with her first two demos, seems that she can carries it out with a strength which she is able to amazed you.
 I decided to “locate” that woman and talk for a while for her work and her attempt to stand alone to the epic/folk music, having already a major “previous employment” of experience to music such as you can read to her website

D.P. When I first heard your work, was fascinated onto the subject: its more than unique and surely a nice surprise, when someone watch a Greek artist to create a concept, which is based onto mythology of the North. Which is also related to the Greek. (I can say that both are “blood brothers”.)

H.V. First of all I would like to thank you for your nice words and to tell you that I feel honored! I agree with all that you said before, and that was the main reason that made me to study the North. Reading Greek mythology and parallel the North, you can see extremely commonalities, which does such an impression that makes you think deeper…

D.P. All your tracks of “Deceitful fate” and “To walhall shall meet”, moreover that your lyrics consider with the Norse mythology, having strongly influences (talking only about the music) of Greek folk culture such is preserve until today, or from music or from our national collective conscious. This was something that you did by willfulness from your side, or the “marriage” of the Greek elements with the Viking ones came unaffected?
H.V. Seriously it came out unaffected…I never make rules to my imagination…and this I believe should be the main characteristic of the subject “music”. Now you are going to think about that I didn’t grow up with folk songs of Sweden, Irish etc and that it’s a logical aftereffect, having influences from the Greek folk subconsciously even if I do not aspire of it.
If you think of it deeper, this is negative for the foreign counties (because of that “self-identity”) but also a plus because it doesn’t exist something like this – as far as my music knowledge allows me to know.

D.P.  From “clearly” music angle, both of your works it’s a mixture of metal- neofolk- Viking metal – electro. Keyboards having the main part…all these charming mixture surrounding by soft, almost airily vocals and sounds like waves in the background, giving the impression that a Valkyrie from Valhalla wants or attempt to speak for her vision to the world.
Is there any king of vision such like this from your side Hildr? And if yes, which is this?

H.V. Vision… I am not a visionary, even if I would loved very much the Greeks to run away from the Turkish culture which came here without our own will. The best is to “move out” a little as Greek from the belly dancing and Turkish traditional music and find back (finally) our own identity musically and culturally. We have lost and forgot what is the meaning to be Greek.

D.P. It would be very interesting to listen from which artists “marked” your own music world (I am not refer to “influences” and such usual folly questions, but to artists that you listen when you really want to hear music)
H.V. I like that question! As first choice when I really need to listen to music is Falkenbach. It’s a band, which the lyrics and music are arranged by one member (one man band) I listen to him about 9 – 10 years and he is one of the kind.
As second choice I am listening to Manowar that they are a big band to their genre.
As a third choice I am listening to a magnificent musician woman which has the band Hagalaz Runedance. Again I am talking about a one-member- band. Her voice and melodies is a huge heritage for all of us and the way she creates, turn out to the word…true magic!


Interviewed for GrPortal
Date 2005/01/28

Thanks for granting me the pleasure of this interview, hopefully we can 
shine some light on Hildr Valkyrie for the unknowing here in the states!

Q1:  First start off by telling us why you chose the name H.V. and  what
personal connection do you have to it?

A1: Searching for a name I started to read more about the Valkyries...and I chose Hildr. Hildr was the Valkyrie that was given life to men’s that fall in battle. Her story can be found at The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturlson. He mention her as “woman full of evil” and also called “the battle Valkyrie” but in my mind appeared a confused one trying to be fair to both (for her father and husband). Thy personal connection that has to do with me; I prefer to keep for myself, this part become too personal.

Q2:  Nordic myths are obviosly a main part of H.V., why did you decide  to
focus on these instead of Greek myths and culture?

A2: Being Greek doesn't mean that I can't choose of what I want to read and learn about. Comparing both mythologies you can find many commons between Norse and Greek.
F.E. Olympus and Aasgard, or Zeus and Odhinn, or Hera and Frigg and lots, lots of more. That was the main reason, made me start reading about Norse Mythology, was a "knowledge game" for me to find as much similarities could exist and so I get charmed about Norse.

Q3:  Any one legend or particular character stand out as being  overly special to you?

A3: Baldur, that’s why my demo is called "Deceitful Fate” this title, was inspired by Baldur’s Tod story.

Q4:  When writing a song does the mood of the music influence the lyrics or is it the other way around?

A4: Can you find me a better way to write lyrics on a song? Well, music is a big word for me with many explanations. Music carries inside your spirit,yourself, your thoughts, your secrets...everything. Its a way you can express your inner - self without any obstacle to keep you away from it. Lyrics also is a way to give yourself but I count more music then lyrics...sometimes lyrics can be no personal f.e. To reference of a story.

Q5:  When writing material do you have any special place to go and do  you set up a time table for yourself?

A5: I am an "all weather" type. I can have an idea while I am into my room, at my job, anywhere! … Sometimes I get off my bed and sit towards to my keyboards cause I have an idea. I can't put limits on me and it's better feeling free without a timetable, and so you are more efficient. If you feel forced from someone at the end no one would be satisfied, neither your self and nor the ones that supports you.

Q6:  What type of music influences you the most and is there any  particular band that comes to mind as being inspirational?

A6: I prefer Viking, Folk and Pagan metal...whatever includes this kind of music, from Tyr to Forefather etc. But my “weak point” are Manowar (always as musicians - smiling) My inspirational band...without thinking too much of it, I can say 100% that is's a one-man band and one of my favorites (one of the top for me)

Q7:  Any musicians you'd like to have make a guest appearance?

A7: Everyone is dreaming about that and I am not an exception to it! Summoning, Eihnerjer (if they were still active as Einherjer and not now as Battered) and Falkenbach, but I think it’s too early to be a guest to those names!

Q8:  "Deceitful Fate" was self financed, do plan to continue releasing  albums on your own or is there a deal with a record label in the works?

A8: Deceitful Fate was made by my obstinacy and was too quick, that's why been self - financed (I couldn't wait!).
Was a way out to proof myself that..."yes you can do it by yourself and you don't need anyone to help you",
it's not perfect but I am very proud of this demo.
 I was in many bands before and nowhere my name was mention at, not even a "thank you"...nothing,
I've been betrayed by them, get hurt many times at my past; and lost precious time...I gave myself and "nothing" I get back.
So as I say "Leave it all behind and start a new part of life that it's based on YOU"
 For the label part now, I am still at my very first steps, the demo finished before about one month and a half. It would be a big gift for me if a label would be interesting in, for my (one-woman) band.

Q9:  Any plans to tour and what would the perfect live show be for  you?

A9: I am at my very first steps (as I mention above) as Hildr Valkyrie; still (even if I am active as musician almost 10 years) and by my own, so it would be very difficult to give a live show or just think about it. I need musicians, and I need much time for this to make it happen. For the time I am not thinking about it, cause I feel being drowning!

Q10:  Besides H.V. what other artistic outlets do you indulge in and  can we expect to ever witness these?

A10: Well I am a human that I do not stop creating and search for other ways to give myself.
I am full of spirit-energy, you can conclude that taking a better look at my website… I design the artwork of the cd, I write the lyrics, I compose the music, I produced the demo, I am the singer, I am the instrument player; (I don’t want to be misunderstood that I am “the one that knows everything”, I just try… and I try hard for it) so the main "artistic outlet" for the time is my band...! (And I thank Makis cause he took over my website that was in my activities too)

Q11:  Well thanks for the interview, if you have any last comments to  make feel free to do so now and by the way I always have to ask what's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

A11: Believe in your powers; believe in yourselves, even if you are not perfect (no one is perfect), never stop to be dreaming and life may smile for you. Manowar said in a concert here in Greece...-You Greeks are crazy, you know why? Cause you invention of OUZO, can I disagree with them? ;)