From which country are you?
I am coming from Hellas.

What are the bands that Hildr Valkyrie worked at the past?
Before the creation of Hildr Valkyrie, I played in many bands such as Nocternity, Lloth (nowadays Astarte), Worship-Beyond the Forests -which is the same band- (nowadays Stutthof  which transformed to Acherontas) and others, using different nicknames such as Queen of Hades, Iris etc.

Why you changed so often those nicknames?
Because every band had a psychical role and so, during the years I changed the nicknames depending on which band I was playing with.

What have you released so far with those bands?
To tell you the truth there was not official release except of some recordings and unofficial demos. For example, with Nocternity with Nocternity we released a demo tape, with Worship we released a demo mini cd, with Beyond the Forests a demo cd and with Lloth I took part to their first demo recordings but my name was never referenced for some undefined reasons.
Regarding the past with all those bands, why they didn't affect you to continue to write lyrics, in the same vein?
Why should I? I was not responsible for the lyrics on those bands and firther more, I never felt to write lyrics about x-stian products or semi products. (food for thought)

Being Hellene, why you chose to write lyrics about the Norse Pantheon and not for the Hellenic one?
It is not that complicate as it seems, I read and read several articles about the Norse Pantheon. The beginning came with comparing the two “Mythologies” together, the Hellenic and the Norse. Then I was felt really close to Norse Pantheon, and so I read more and more. It is not a matter of geopolitical politics but is what your heart chose to follow!

Are you x-stian?
Certainly I am not! 

So what is your religion?
I follow the Old Ways, the faith of my Ancestors.

What are your political views?
I do not belong to any political party or political system of our –now- days. I just believe in the word Ethnos and what's this word includes in. This is the opposite of what they try to do with globalism or the pseudo democracy that we are living in nowadays. 

So now, back to the band. Which are the members of the band?
Hildr Valkyrie is a one-woman band if you call that so. I compose the music; write the lyrics, sing and play. Furthermore I had a Session guitarist Alboin from Geist –Germany- which played the electric guitars in “Shield Bothers of Valhalla” and Aled Pashley from Annwn –Wales- which he played the guitars to the two covers of the album and a Guest Thanos Karapanos from Winters Dawn –Hellas- which he sang to the track “To Walhall Shall Meet”.

On the new album "Revealing the Heathen Sun" I have again a session guitarist Jan "Twothousandarrows" who is more like a family to me, because not only he gave time and respect to what he created for Hildr, but we are many years already bandmates to Folkearth and Folkodia, and also this time there is a guest appearance from my long time Sister Runahild from Eliwagar on one track. 

From the creation till now in “2017” as Hildr Valkyrie, what you have released as far?
Not much to be honest, in “2004” I released a Demo CD-R called “Deceitful Fate” (self financed) after that I started the recordings for my second work which during “2006” a rough version was spread out on internet with the title “To Walhall Shall Meet”, that Demo was never released to any form such as tape or CD-R that’s why I do not include this “release” to my releases. In the year of “2008” I released my first CD which called “Shield Brothers of Valhalla” from “Stygian Crypt Productions” and contains some of the tracks of the demo “To Walhall Shall Meet” plus new tracks and two covers. After that, in the first months of “2009” I released a self financed collection of my first demo songs and one unreleased demo track with the name “Heading North” just for inner consumption so I do not count it to my “releases” at all. After a long time (as it seems) in "2017" there is a new release which is called "Revealing the Heathen Sun" throught "Stygian Crypt Productions" in which the recordings finished back in 2015.   

Great, now tell us with which bands you worked with, in Metal Archives we can see  many bands but with some of them we have never seen your work with.
Indeed. Back then I used enough the myspace page and that means I had an open window to everyone who asked my help. Firstly let’s talk about the bands that I am still working with which are Folkearth and Folkodia. Secondly let’s talk about the bands that I worked with as Guest or Session and they are: Uruk Hai for Austria, Voluspaa from Norway, Sacred Blood from Hellas, Athlos from Hellas, Kawir from Hellas, Elffor from Basque (Spain), Eliwagar from Norway, Helrunar from Germany, Emyn Miul from Italy and more that you can find at the "collaborations" section in this web-site. With Morgan the Bard (R.I.P.) from Italy, was a short collaboration, I just gave him a cover to work with and he included it to his album. MTB's death was big loss because his personality and music was something unique.

What about the official website?
Ow, that’s a story that gives me pain! In the beginning I had a page on geocities which I decided to close after a proposal of my first webmaster that did to me opening a better page on cjb.net. I accepted the offer but after a year or so, my webmaster moved to another country and couldn’t continue the website for his own reasons; the problem was that he had lost the passwords and we couldn’t enter anymore so I suggested him to speak with cjb.net and put down the site. After that, for my big surprise another webmaster did a website for me as a gift which was also the one who offered to master my CD to his studio in America. After the two years that usually have time to renewal the sites, I was in a very bad money situation so this site went down too. For the time I chose to have this page (blog) as my official website and also the google site with no fear of ending any money payment.  After all Hildr Valkyrie still is an underground band and I still believe that all these was“too much” but I still thank eachone for their great help and interest!

What about the Hildr Valkyrie’s myspace page?
Another big story! In a few words, the first page was phished so it went down, the second page still exists till now and I just have it on as a player and info, further more I had chosen to remove all the comments from the page and not  have any contact anymore with the fans. I decided to give more effort to write new material and focus on other important things when I have that short of free time, in nowadays my job is taking me a lot of time, so it is hard to focus on the fans communication by instant messages.
Same goes for my Facebook Band's page and personal pages, please contact me only if you have something worthy to say, my free time is really rare and I feel very bad not answering to your messages that wants to simple chat with me! 

Does Hildr Valkyrie owns a Facebook page?
I did not had an account on Facebook since the 1st o July 2013 and now I am running from 3rd of July 2013 the Official Page of Hildr Valkyrie on Facebook. This page was kindly created by a fan (was linked as one of my fanpages) and when I contacted with the admin of the fanpage, he passed the page to my hands! I am really greatful to him! Any other pages of H.V. on Facebook that you might find, are not running by me. The only negavive to this, is that Facebook does not allow to change the name of the page after the 200 followers, so we "stucked" with the word "Fanpage" but I quarantee you that this is the official one!
Here is the link of the Official Page on Facebook

And what about the official Forum of Hildr Valkyrie?
There was an attempt of having a forum as well from a fan, but I learned that “The realm of the dark angel” forums were about to move so I didn’t gave any importance to continue having a forum since was too silent. In the end there was no need for that, but again I am thankfull for that as well.  

In Metal Archives we can see that you are the moderator of the Falkenbach Forum, how true is that?
It is not true! I was the Falkenbach’s Fansite and Tribute’s Site webmistress when geocities was online, after geocities shutted down I do not own any title except that I am a member of the Falkenbach’s Forum. I do not have –nor had- any authority there. 

Where we can find material of your work except from your releases?
The official V/A's are:

The first CD that you can find Hildr Valkyrie’s work is in “Homage to Falkenbach” in a 2CD’s Tribute back in 2006”, where there has been released the track “The Heralder” not “Heralder” as the most of you might know, it is the first version of the track which I covered and can be found only in Falkenbach’s  “En Their Medh Riki Fara” Picture LP as bonus track. 
Also in this tribute, I appear with Folkearth as well to the cover “Heathenpride”.

After that in “2007” came a V.A. Collection” Celtiberia war vol.1” with the song "Far Away Through The Mountains" taken from the Demo "Deceitful Fate". 

 In “2008” from someone which I never give permission and do not know who he/she was –even if you kill me I do not have any clue of who was-, released a tribute to Bathory “Covers Compilation Vol.1” and used the “Ring of Gold” cover which can be found in “Shield Brothers of Valhalla”.

In “2009” came another tribute, Summoning’s tribute that time with the title “And In The Darkness Bind Them” and I covered the track “Farewell” from the album “Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame”.

In the beginning of “2010” I gave “Valkyrja’s Spoken Words” from “Shield Brothers of Valhalla” for Odinic Rite's Compilation called “Folk Spirit”.

In "2011" another V/A compilation from the Odinic Rite called  Folk Soul - "A Second Compilation of Odinist Artists" was released with my brand new track "Vanadis Hall" specially recorded for this release and only! This song can be found also on youtube as a Lyric Video. 

Another V/A came from the Odinic Rite in "2014" that is called "Project: Odin - Songs to the AllFather" and released a new track with the title "My Oath" that can be found also on youtube as an Official Video. 

NON official V/A's: 

Randomly searcing on the net for my band's name I found some V/A's that includes songs (most covers) but I never got informed or gave any permittion for the use of them, in which are: 

In “2008” exists a tribute to Bathory under the name “Covers Compilation Vol.1” and used the “Ring of Gold” cover which can be found in “Shield Brothers of Valhalla”.

In "2013" followed 2 V/A compilations with women frontied metal bands named "Metal Cover Girl" Vol.9 and 10 in which they used "Havamal" (Falkenbach cover) and "Ring of Gold" (Bathory cover)

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